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Some Related Links

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

A comprehensive treatment of practically any question anyone could possibly have regarding whether Catholicism is what it claims to be. Lay apologist, Dave Armstrong, presents the whole thing with lots of charm and a heavy dose of his own personal take on things.

The Holy See

The seat of Peter, that is. Office of chief apostle. Servant of the servants of God. This is the official website of the Roman Catholic Church. Appropriately, it feels like a giant cathedral.

Catholic apologetics (defense of the faith, that is) with a light, witty touch.

Kind of the Times Square of Catholic websites. Go here to find your way to other websites of a Catholic nature or hang around and check out their own plentiful resources.

"Yahoo" for Catholics ­ complete with news, film reviews, daily devotionals, Bible studies, search engine, and everything else you might expect on the internet. Good choice for a homepage.