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"You're weird," they said.
"Why are you so weird?"

Lint Hatcher grew up in middle Georgia, choosing an agnostic point of view as soon as he was able to read Harlan Ellison and watch Carl Sagan on TV.

The influence of several Christian friends, as well as such luminaries as St. Francis of Assissi, Flannery O'Connor and C.S. Lewis, contributed to a dramatic conversion to Christ in 1984. This was followed by ten years of denominational wandering, culminating in the move to Catholic Christianity that is partially described on this website.

Lint Hatcher does not enjoy horseback riding or long walks on the beach. Most of his time is spent with wife, Susan, and children, Nicholas and Sarah, watching television and reading books. The newest addition to the Hatcher family, Holly Elizabeth Hatcher, can usually be found lying on the couch, making baby noises and wondering what she's gotten herself into.

Lint's other writing includes articles written during his stint as editor of Wonder magazine, cultural studies articles written for Gadfly magazine, and a novel sitting in a box.*






*Well, actually it's being serialized at the Wonder magazine website.